A New Way to SEO – Never Seen Before!

SEO, or search engine optimization, use to be a back-end thing. It had to do with keyword density, meta tags, and other factors.

Then, building links became a part of the mix. You were to get as many links, pointing to your website, from other websites on the web as possible. That told Google that your website was important and worthy of high rankings.

The thing about SEO is, as soon as there is a surefire way to get results, self-proclaimed “SEO’s” (which in this case are actually called “spammers,” lol) will engage in fraudulent type acts to get links from websites and to otherwise “temporarily fool” the engines into ranking them.

It got very disordered for a while, and the search engines are still cleaning up the craziness. WordPress blogs starting getting super spammed out because blog comments held some weight in building backlinks.

People started creating software that takes articles, and changes the words slightly, to create 3+ variations of the articles so that they could be posted to article based websites (EzineArticles and others), with links pointing back to the sites they’re trying to rank.

You could gain some dominance in the engines, by doing all of the wrong things.

Well, that isn’t working anymore. SEO, which was something completely different three years ago, is now something else. If you expect to get rankings in the engines quickly (3 months and on), than you’re going to have to engage in something new, something different, and something very social.

Sitting with a friend the other day, he created a word that summed up the 2011 way to earn trust and rank in the search engines. He called this…

Social Engineering

Having a lot of really established connections with some serious bloggers, business people and New York Times Bestselling Authors, I’ve managed to get some really powerful links back to my website, RMC Tech.

But if that was it, a blogger, website or business owner could leverage those kinds of relationships to build authority on a topic, and links back to a site, and end up victorious in their quest to get some rank in Google.

But without the real solidification of trust points between you, the social engineer, and the people out there helping you (we’re really all helping each other), sustenance in your relationships is a nonreality. There needs to be depth in your interactions with people across the web, and that has to be orchestrated by the engineer.

Spearheaded By The Composer And The Mechanic

From the ground up, building a social machine that has a lot of functions, that help the “SE” (social engineer) requires (for better learning of the entire system of internet social marketing) that you both be the composer and the mechanic.

You have to be the creator and the worker. The initiator and the one who facilitates permanence and the person who can build things in layers. Just like the layers in relationships that get you closer to people, there are layers (that all have certain depth) in social engineering that allows the real momentum to start and run.

What that means, is just like the regular, preexisting notion of SEO, social engineering takes a lot of time. We may not be talking a month, or even three: we’re talking a firm decision to invest six months + into building massive momentum around a company, product or even blog through knee-deep, all or nothing social engineering.

The difference in the customer interaction between brands in this web marketing seasons changes is going to be the depth that the social engineer for your brand or company digs. That if you repair iPhones, you’re going to have to go deep into spreading awareness around that fact. Your vision must be huge, unrealistic, and dominating.

Winning will have to do with going layers deep, talking with everybody and consciously creating a masterpiece.

Starting from the here and now, the “state of internet marketing” so to speak, masterpiece social engineering is the route to real results… results that stick, and do contribute ROI to your bottom line. Lots of it.